Puma 4.1.0 发布,Puma是为速度与并发而生的。Puma是一个为Ruby

Phusion Passenger 今天发布了 4.0 的第 6 个 RC 版本,这可能是 4.0
的最后一个 RC 版本。Phusion Passenger,原名 mod_rails
on Rails



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  • The default config snippet for Apache has changed! It must now
    contain a PassengerDefaultRuby option. The installer has been
    updated to output this option. The PassengerRuby option still
    exists, but it’s only used for configuring different Ruby
    interpreters in different contexts. Please refer to the manual for
    more information.
  • We now provide GPG digital signatures for all file releases by
    Phusion. More information can be found in the manual.
  • WebSocket support on Nginx. Requires Nginx >= 1.3.15.
  • passenger-status now displays process memory usage and time when
    it was last used. The latter fixes issue
  • Exceptions in Rack application objects are now caught to prevent
    application processes from exiting.
  • The passenger-config tool now supports the --ruby-command
    argument, which helps the user with figuring out the correct Ruby
    command to use in case s/he wants to use multiple Ruby interpreters.
    The manual has also been updated to mention this tool.
  • Fixed streaming responses on Apache.
  • Worked around an OS X Unix domain socket bug. Fixes issue
  • Out-of-Band Garbage Collection now works properly when the
    application has disabled garbage collection. Fixes issue
  • Fixed support for /usr/bin/python on OS X. Fixes issue
  • Fixed looping-without-sleeping in the ApplicationPool garbage
    collector if PassengerPoolIdleTime is set to 0. Fixes issue
  • Fixed some process memory usage measurement bugs.
  • Fixed process memory usage measurement on NetBSD. Fixes issue
  • Fixed a file descriptor leak in the Out-of-Band Work feature. Fixes
  • The PassengerPreStart helper script now uses the default Ruby
    interpreter specified in the web server configuration, and no longer
    requires a ruby command to be in $PATH.
  • Updated preferred PCRE version to 8.32.
  • Worked around some RVM bugs and generally improved RVM support.
  • The ngx_http_stub_status_module is now enabled by default.
  • Performance optimizations.