Rust 1.7 发布了,Rust 是 Mozilla
的一个新的编程语言,由web语言的领军人物Brendan Eich(js之父),Dave
Herman以及Mozilla公司的Graydon Hoare 合力开发。

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  • <[T]>::clone_from_slice(), an efficient way to copy the data from
    one slice and put it into another slice.

  • Various convenience methods on Ipv4Addr and Ipv6Addr, such as
    is_loopback(), which returns true澳门新葡亰游戏网址, or false if the address is a
    loopback address according to RFC 6890.

  • Various improvements to CString, used for FFI.

  • checked, saturated, and overflowing operations for various numeric
    types. These aren’t counted in that ‘40’ number above, because there
    are a lot of them, but they all do the same thing.