Kotlin M13 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

Kotlin M14 发布,此版本主要改进如下:

  • Compiler daemon for faster compilation;

  • lateinit properties to support dependency injection and other

  • sealed classes for expressing closed hierarchies;

  • Specifying and checking annotation targets;

  • Java get/set pairs are now seen as properties in Kotlin;

  • Better type safety for Java interop: taking @NotNull annotations
    into account (see this blog

  • Modifiers and annotations have been separated syntactically (see
    this blog

  • Fully functional reflection on classes, functions and properties;

  • Access to internal is now checked outside of a module (details

  • New .class file layout for top-level functions and properties;

  • and more (see below)

  • 支持文件类注解

  • 标准库新增 Java API

  • 操作符新增 operator modifier

  • 可以通过合成 field 变量访问 Backing fields



  • Backing fields

  • Operators

  • Compile-time constants

  • Annotate file classes

  • 其他语言改进

    • private on the top level is now private to file

    • internal is checked in the compiler (not only IDE)

    • private in interfaces is truly private now

    • equals in data classes compares arrays by calling their
      .equals() method (which works by identity)

    • lateinit val‘s are prohibited

    • many cases of inheritance and other degrees of freedom are
      prohibited for data classed (see this blog

    • protected and internal members are prohibited in interfaces

    • _, __, ___ are forbidden as in identifiers, i.e. we can
      use _foo, but not _ alone (reserved for future use)

    • identityEquals() function is deprecated in favor of ===

同时发布了 Kotlin Eclipse Plugin 0.3.0,此版本新特性:


  • ArraysKt — operations on arrays, extensions for arrays, array
    factory methods

  • CharsKt — extensions for Char and Char.Companion, most of them
    should be hidden

  • CollectionsKt — operations on iterables, collections and lists, list
    factory methods

  • ComparisonsKt — operations on comparators, comparator factory
    methods, and functions for performing comparisons

  • Kotlin M13 支持

  • 查找手册

  • 参数提示

  • 选择 enclosing/next/previous 元素

  • Override/Implement action

  • Body conversion intention

  • Debugger: Run to cursor

  • Debugger: Step into selection

  • 性能提升

IDE 改进

As usual, the IDE helps you migrate seamlessly from M13 via Code
. Also there are several new handy features in M14:

  • As mentioned above, there in some cases we need private backing
    properties. You can easily introduce them via intention action:
    澳门新葡亰 1

  • Also you can move property initialization from constructor body or
    initializer block to property declaration:
    澳门新葡亰 2

  • 澳门新葡亰,One of the long-expected features is completion for overriding
    functions and properties:
    澳门新葡亰 3

  • Since M13 the IDE optimizes imports on the fly. Add unambiguous
    imports on the fly
    feature is also supported now. Give it a try:
    澳门新葡亰 4