Node v4.1.1 (Stable) 发布

Node v4.1.1 (Stable) 发布,主要更新内容如下:

Node v4.1.0 (Stable) 发布,值得关注的改进:

buffer: Fixed a bug introduced in v4.1.0 where allocating a new
zero-length buffer can result in the next allocation of a TypedArray
in JavaScript not being zero-filled. In certain circumstances this could
result in data leakage via reuse of memory space in TypedArrays,
breaking the normally safe assumption that TypedArrays should be always
zero-filled. (Trevor Norris)


http: Guard against response-splitting of HTTP trailing headers
added via
by removing new-line ([rn]) characters from values. Note that
standard header values are already stripped of new-line characters. The
expected security impact is low because trailing headers are rarely
used. (Ben Noordhuis)

  • Buffers are now created in JavaScript, rather than C++. This
    increases the speed of buffer creation (Trevor Norris)

  • Buffer#slice() now uses Uint8Array#subarray() internally,
    increasing slice() performance (Karl Skomski)

npm: Upgrade to npm 2.14.4 from 2.14.3, see release
notes for full details
(Kat Marchán) #2958


  • Upgrades graceful-fs on multiple dependencies to no longer rely on
    monkey-patching fs

  • Fix npm link for pre-release / RC builds of Node

  • fs.utimes() now properly converts numeric strings, NaN, and
    Infinity (Yazhong Liu)

  • fs.WriteStream now implements _writev, allowing for super-fast
    bulk writes (Ron Korving)

v8: Update post-mortem metadata to allow post-mortem debugging tools
to find and inspect:

http: Fixed an issue with certain write() sizes causing errors
when using http.request() (Fedor Indutny)

  • JavaScript objects that use dictionary properties (Julien Gilli)

  • ScopeInfo and thus closures (Julien Gilli)

npm: Upgrade to version 2.14.3, see
for more details (Kat
Marchán) #2822.


src: V8 cpu profiling no longer erroneously shows idle time
(Oleksandr Chekhovskyi)