PyCharm 5 EAP 发布,完全支持 Python 3.5

前几天发布了PyCharm Edu 2
Python 教学工具。

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今天发布了 PyCharm 5 Early Access Program (EAP) ,现已提供

NetBean IDE 6.8
IDE 6.8 RC1 提升了对 JSF 2.0/Facelets ,Java Persistence 2.0 和 EJB 3.1
的支持。还支持最新的 JavaFX SDK 1.2.1以及 PHP 5.3 。

PyCharm 5 EAP build #
包含大量的新特性,bug 修复和改进。


Python 相关改进

完全支持 Python 3.5

更好的 ORM 方法 Code Insight 

Google 和 NumPy 风格的 Python Docstrings

Refined “Optimize Imports” Action

其他 Python 相关改进

  • Quick documentation improvements (including external docs in quick
    documentation pop-up for stdlib and Python keywords on Ctrl+Q)

  • Improved formatter PEP-8 compatibility

  • Numerous bug-fixes in different subsystems

Java Enterprise Edition 6


  • Code Formatter: Adjusting Settings via a Quick-Fix

  • Find in Path: Preview Pane

  • OS X and Java Version

  • New UI for Testing

  • Export/import of test results and tests history

  • RegEx case transformation syntax in Find and replace

Web Projects with Java EE 6 and Java EE 6 Web profiles, EJBs in web
applications EJB 3.1 support, EJB project file wizard also supports
Singleton session type RESTful web services (JAX-RS 1.1), GlassFish
Metro 2.0 web services (JAX-WS 2.2), JAXB 2.2 Java Persistence JPA 2.0,
deployment, debugging and profiling with GlassFish v3 application server


  • Editing Code in Diff Viewer

  • Branch Operations from VCS Log Viewer

Web Projects with JavaServer Faces 2.0 (Facelets)

Web 开发

  • Improved ReactJS support

  • Initial support for Polymer 1.0

  • Support for AngularJS 2.0

  • TSLint

  • Initial support for TypeScript 1.6

  • Better support for Meteor

  • New inspections for Node.js (for checking dependencies)

  • 澳门新萄京官方网站,Debugging Webpack projects

  • Dart support enhancements

Code completion, error hints, namespace completion, documentation
popups, and tag auto-import for Facelets Editor support for Facelets
libraries, composite components, expression language, including
generators for JSF and HTML forms Customizable JSF components palette
generates JSF forms and JSF data tables from entities New File wizard
generates customizable CRUD (create/read/update/delete) JSF pages from
entitiesBroader usage of annotations instead of deployment descriptors


  • Grouping Objects in Tool Window

  • New Data Sources and Drivers Dialog


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Added support for the latest JavaFX SDK 1.2.1 Improved code completion
Editor Hints: Fix Imports, Surround With, Implements Abstract Methods,
and more Improved navigation: Hyperlinks, Go to Type, Find Usages Connected Developer

Full JIRA support (plugin from update center) Project dashboard with
more member and project details, improved search and navigation, easier
project sharing Improvedinstant messenger integration: Online presence,
private and group chatwith Kenai members, easy to add links to code /
files /issues / stacktraces to messages Improved issue tracker