Django 1.4 released

澳门新萄京官方网站 ,Finally, we’d like to point out, as always, that we couldn’t do this
without the help of the huge numbers of people all around the world who
contribute to and improve Django every single day. All of you should
give yourselves a big pat on the back.

It’s here!


One important point is worth mentioning here, however: Django 1.4 is, as
covered in the release notes, the last official release of Django which
will support Python 2.5. When Django 1.5 is released, the minimum Python
version required will be 2.6 (see this recent
post for some
more details on what that means), though you’ll still be able to use
Django 1.4 — during its security support lifecycle — if you need
Python 2.5 support.

Posted by James Bennett on March 23, 2012

After many months of work, we’re proud to announce the release today of
Django 1.4. There’s plenty of cool stuff in this release, and the
release notes cover
it all in detail. You can also swing by the downloads
page to grab a copy of the
release package. And as always, signed checksums for the release
package are