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The Unified Field Theory of Elon Musk



unified field theory 统一场论

Musk, a wide-eyed technologist, domains solar, automotive, and aerospace

① SolarCity:

A green technology company formed  in 2006.
Its initial goal:make buying into the solar proposition much simpler
In 2012, SolarCity went public .By 2014, SolarCity was valued at close
to $7 billion.

② Tesla: in 2015,primary focus was to bring the Model X to market.

③ SpaceX :in 2015,  began testing its ability to take people into

➡️ Interaction: Tesla makes battery packs
that SolarCity can then sell to end customers. SolarCity supplies
Tesla’s charging stations with solar panels, helping Tesla to provide
free recharging to its drivers. Musk’s ultimate goal, though, remains
turning humans into an interplanetary species. All of them are the right
things to pursue for the betterment of mankind.

Task 2: Big
John is coming澳门新葡亰8455下载app,!


I’m actually wondering about putting in a roller coaster—like a
functional roller coaster at the factory in Fremont

roller coaster: n

释义:a track at a fairground that goes up and down very steep slopes
and that people ride on in a smalltrain for fun and excitement ;a
situation that keeps changing very quickly 

例句:Christine Forster accuses her brother of playing “Machiavellian
games” with an issue that has been an “awful roller-coaster ride” .

roller coaster
an emotional roller-coaster。

例句:What makes being a founder stressful  is being on an emotional
roller coaster.

仿写:I was shocked by the roller coaster life Elon Musk had

it became clear to close observers of SolarCity that the company had
morphed into something resembling a utility


释义:v. to change, ormake somebody/​something change, into something

同义:change, alter

✏️ Morph into …变为..

例句:The river flooded its banks and morphed into a giant sea that
swampedthe town.

仿写: Gregor Samsa  found himself morphed into a horrible vermin.

Musk has spent years buttering up the Democrats.

butter somebody up

释义:(informal) to say nice things to somebody so that they will help
you or give you something 阿谀奉承,说好话

例句:Stop trying to butter me up!

仿写:He is always trying to butter up the boss.

✏️ bread and butter 涂黄油的面包;基本生活资料;生计

✏️ know which side your bread is buttered  知道自己的优势所在

The competitors are all sort of pooh-poohing the Gigafactory

pooh-pooh something

释义:v. (informal) to say that a suggestion, an idea, etc. is not true
or not worth thinking about 一笑置之,轻视,藐视

例句:They are pooh-poohing suggestions of a split in the party.

仿写:It’s impolite to pooh-pooh other’s opinion without any thinking.




Tesla makes battery packs that SolarCity can then sell to end
customers. SolarCity supplies Tesla’s charging stations with solar
panels, helping Tesla to provide free recharging to its drivers.


A bar owner in
the Old West has just hired a timid bartender. This (S1) owner of the
establishment is giving his new hire some instructions on
running the place. He tells the timid man, “If you ever hear that
Big John is coming to town, (S3)
drop everything and run for the hills! He’s the biggest,
nastiest (S4) outlaw who’s ever

A few weeks
pass (S5)
uneventfully. But one afternoon,
a local cowhand comes running through town (S6) yelling, “Big John is
coming! Run for your (S7) lives!”

When the
bartender leaves the bar to start running, he is knocked to the ground
by several townspeople rushing out of town. (S8) As he’s picking himself up, he sees a large man, almost
seven feet tall. He’s muscular, and is growing as he approaches the

He steps up to
the door, orders the poor barkeep inside, and demands, “I want a beer

He strikes his
heavy fist on the bar, splitting it in half. (S9) The bartender nervously hands the big man a beer, hands
shaking. He takes the beer, bites the top of the bottle off, and
downs the beer in one gulp.

As the
terrified bartender hides behind the bar, the big man gets up to leave,
“Do you want another beer?” the bartender asks in a trembling

“Dang it, I
don’t have time!” the big man yells, (S10) “I got to get out of town! Don’t you hear Big John is


Depression-causing Factors

Problem Description



It is inherited and run in families.



changes or imbalances in chemicals called neurotransmitters, which transmit information in the brain

Antidepressant drugs relieve certain symptoms of depression.

Psychological Factors

Low self-esteem and self-defeating thinking are connected with depression.

Sufferers who make correction to their thinking patterns can show improved mood and self-esteem.

Early Experiences

Event like the death of a parent, the divorce of parents, neglect, chronic illness, and severe physical abuse can increase the likelihood of depression.


Present Experiences

Job loss, financial difficulties, long periods of unemployment, the loss of a spouse or other family member, or long-term stress may trigger depression.


Living with somebody with depression

This causes increased anxiety, which adds to the possibility of their also becoming depressed.


New report

U.S. Roller Coaster


The world’s
first 4D roller coaster, “X”, took on its first passengers last week at the
Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park, just outside Los Angeles.

After climbing
on board and properly securing their safety harnesses, “X” riders are
first to a height
of over 66meters. At the top, the passenger train is
released and builds up
enough speed to race and plummet around the track at speeds of over
130km an hour.

The rider
takes the daring passengers down an incredible 66m dive and over the top of
a 62m loop, in cars that spin independently
of the roller coaster train. This unique design allows
riders to spin360degree, both
forwards and backwards, through the entire ride.

hurtle through this ride often moving in many different directions at
the same time ad the cars somersault back and
forth and the roller coaster twists, loops, and dives.

complicated series of maneuvers includes two raven turn, one front flip,
one twisting front flip, and two back flips.

passengers aren’t always facing the right direction
to see what’s coming up next, the element of surprise is high. For “X”
riders, this adds to the thrill of
the ride.

The track of
this newest roller coaster runs a total length of a little over1,
100meters. The passenger trains measure
6meters wide and 21meters long, large enough to carry 28
passengers at a time. At full capacity, the trains can take
1,600passengers for the ride of their lives each hour.

The entire
ride lasts for only a total about 2minutes, but you can tell from the
exhilarated faces of passengers returning to the boarding dock that they
were two of the most thrilling
minutes of heir lives.


Task 2: The
Voice Lift


After the
face-lift, the forehead tightened, and the (S1) nose job, something still
might be revealing your age: your (S2) voice.

For patients
who think their trembly, hoarse words don’t (S3) match their newly face
and figure, there’s a procedure that claims to make them
sound younger too: the voice lift.

There are two
general kinds of voice lifts. In some cases, implants (S5) inserted through an incision
in the (S6)
neck bring the vocal cords closer together. Doctors also use
injections of (S7) fat
or other substances to plump up the cords, so that the
voice sounds younger.

The voice lift is
becoming more widely known among an aging population, who try to make
themselves sound younger.

“I speak in a
great deal, or I was shouting, on a particular day, at the end of the
day, I would feel exhausted,” said Robert Brown, 75, (S9) a retired construction engineer who underwent the voice
lift several years ago, “I don’t know if I
sound younger, but the hoarseness is gone, which is such a great

(S10) Voice lift can also
benefit people like performers, lawyers, teachers, and telephone
operators who need to have a strong voice and hope to shave
years off the sound of their voice.